Water Handling

Water temperature in the tank is maintained at around 80° with three heaters located throughout the system (a 100W heater in the refugium section of the sump, a 200W heater in the skimmer section, and a 300W heater in the trapezoidal overflow section of the display tank).

Water levels in the tank are maintained with an automated top-off system that pulls RO/DI water from a 310 gallon poly tank located in the garage, and feeds it to a kalkwasser reactor in response to the water level in the return section of the sump dropping below a predetermined level. 

Routine water changes will eventually be automated, with a pair of peristaltic pumps respectively pulling water from the sump and feeding it to a floor drain plumbed into the stand's lower shelf, and pulling new salt water (NSW) from two 100 gallon poly tanks in the garage to replace the removed water.